Medical Consumables/ Disposables Recall Reports

Manage your consumable and disposable medical supply inventory

Medical Consumables/ Disposables Recall Reports

Manage your consumable and disposable medical supply inventory

Our comprehensive consumables weekly open recall reports cover classified Class 1 and 2 recalls of consumable/disposable medical devices such as surgical gloves, disposable catheters, procedure packs, test kits, and other items that have lot codes and expiration dates. The report is provided via email as a searchable spreadsheet and .pdf document.  The spreadsheet helps your Supply Chain staff easily search for affected lot codes, model names, catalog numbers, or other product categories.  

The report is typically split up by Model Name or Product Brand Name as provided by the Manufacturer to make searching for your inventory products easier and more convenient.  For a recalled product with many affected lot numbers, inventory personnel can quickly identify affected inventory in the searchable spreadsheet.

To help your organization track inventory, both the spreadsheet and .pdf document include columns for noting the disposition of inventory for your records.

This subscription service is billed monthly and includes weekly reports sent on the first day of the week.  Weekly reports include recalls classified and posted during the previous week.

Contact Us to sign up for our Monthly subscription (1 Report per week).

NOTE: Recall Information –  Equiptrack receives information regarding equipment safety from the US FDA. While each manufacturer provides data updates to the FDA on a regular basis, some recall information may not have been reported to Equiptrack.  While the FDA provides data updates to their web site on a regular basis, this report may not include very recent activity.  For the most up to date recall information for medical equipment, go to  Please also refer to Sections 12, 13, 14 and 15 of the Equiptrack Terms of Use.

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Recalls and Medical Equipment Maintenance Records for the Medical Equipment Industry including Consumers, Distributors and 3rd Party Resellers.

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Equiptrack products and services are based only on information supplied to Equiptrack. Equiptrack does not have the complete history of every unique piece of equipment. Use the Equiptrack search as one important tool, along with an equipment inspection and functional check, to make a better decision about purchasing your next piece of used medical equipment.